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ALL the commercial tire price hikes in 2010!

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There have been three rounds of domestic commercial tire price increases over the course of 2010. Truck, farm, OTR and industrial tire prices have risen due to rising raw material and transporation costs.

Here is a list of all the announced tire price hikes in the United States this year, not including in-line adjustments.

American Pacific Industries Inc. (API): up to 8% (truck and farm) on March 1; up to 6% on June 15 (Gladiator truck); up to 6% on Sept. 9 (Gladiator truck); up to 10% on Oct. 27 (truck and farm).

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC (BATO): up to 5% (Firestone construction, farm and forestry) and up to 4% (Bridgestone mining, industrial and construction) on April 1; up to 6% (Firestone and Dayton truck) on June 1; 2% to 7% on Sept. 1 (mining, construction and industrial); up to 8% on Nov. 1 (truck, farm and OTR).

Continental Tire the Americas LLC: 8% on Feb. 1 (Continental and General truck); up to 4.5% on March 1 (Continental industrial); 7% on June 1 (Continental, General and proprietary truck).

Falken Tire Corp.: 4% on June 1 (Ohtsu truck);up to 8% on Nov. 1 (Ohtsu truck).

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.: 5% on Jan. 1 (Goodyear truck); 8% on May 1 (Goodyear truck); up to 8% on Oct. 1 (truck).

Hankook Tire America Corp.: up to 5% on Jan. 1 (truck); up to 6% on June 1 (truck);  up to 6.5% on Nov. 1 (truck).

Kumho Tire U.S.A. Inc.: up to 8% on Jan. 1 (truck); up to 6.5% on Nov. 1 (truck).

Michelin North America Inc.: up to 7% (Michelin and BFGoodrich truck) and up to 4% (OTR) on Feb. 1; 4.5% on May 1 (farm); average of 3.5% on Aug. 1 (farm); average of 8% on Dec. 1 (Michelin and BFGoodrich truck).

Titan Tire Corp.: up to 6% on March 1 (construction, farm and OTR); up to 6% on June 1 (farm and Titan construction); 3% to 10% on Oct. 1 (OTR).

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp.: up to 6% on Jan. 1 (truck); up to 7% on Feb. 1 (truck); up to 8% on June 1 (truck and OTR); up to 6% on Nov. 1 (truck).

Trelleborg Wheel Systems: 5% on Feb. 1 (farm and forestry); 5% to 10% on March 1 (industrial and construction); average of 5% on Sept. 1 (farm, forestry and light industrial).

Yokohama Tire Corp.: up to 7% on March 1 (truck).

Four companies are starting the new year off with commercial tire price increases.

Effective Jan. 1, 2011, CGS Tyres Group (7.5% to 10% on farm and industrial tires), Titan (up to 8% on farm and OTR tires), Yokohama (up to 5% on bias and radial OTR tires) and Continental (up to 8% on truck tires) will raise commercial tire prices.

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