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Retreads account for more than 50% of shipments

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Retreaders produced 13 million truck tire retreads in 2009. That was down 11.5% from the previous year.

However, new truck tire shipments were down 19.3%, according to the 2010 Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue (see "Truck tire shipments: nowhere to go but up"). When the smoke cleared, retreads accounted for more than 50% of the replacement truck tire market for the first time since 2004.

New and retreaded replacement truck tire shipments have trended steadily downward over the last three years.

New and retreaded truck tire shipments in the U.S., 2006-2009 (in millions of units)

Year     Replacement     Retreads     Total     % retreads

2006    17.6                      15.0              32.6       46.0%

2007    16.7                      15.2              31.9       47.6%

2008    15.5                      14.7              30.2       48.7%

2009    12.5                      13.0               25.5       51.0%

Since 2007, domestic replacement and retreaded truck tire shipments have decreased  25.1% and 14.5%, respectively.

The 2010 Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue also breaks down the farm and OTR tire markets, with market share listings. Look for it at

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