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The price is right for retreads

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Exactly what is the difference between the selling price of a new medium truck tire and its retreaded counterpart? Just how good a deal is a retread versus a new tire?

Modern Tire Dealer looks at comparable pricing in its 2010 Facts Issue. Here are two examples:

1. The average selling price for an 11R22.5 tire last year was $378.34. The same size retread -- including the casing -- sold for $183.11.

2. The average selling price for an 11R24.5 tire was $385.41. The comparable 11R24.5 retread sold for $187.67.

So fleet owners spend close to 51% less on a retread than they do on a comparable new tire. Looking at it another way, they spend more than twice as much on a new tire than they do on a retread.

For more information on the makeup of domestic retreading, read MTD's 2010 Facts Issue.

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