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Why you should be open on Sunday

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Why you should be open on Sunday

Is the cost of being open on Sunday, either monetarily or personally, worth it? That is the $64,000 question (OK, I am dating myself).

The answer is a tough one. As the competition for vehicle maintenance and tire sales increases (can you say, car dealerships?), it is a question perhaps you should ask yourself, or revisit.

Our 2014 Tire Dealer of the Year, Bruce Halle of Discount Tire, is adamant that his stores be closed on Sundays. In my experience, most independent tire dealerships also are closed on Sunday.

Are you giving up too much business by being closed on Sunday, or at least part of the day on Saturday, for that matter? Find out what prompted this discussion in my latest blog, “Why you should ask yourself if being open on Sunday is an option.”

What do you do and why? Should Sunday be a day of rest? Read the blog, then let me know what you think by leaving a comment! -- Bob Ulrich

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