Empowering Your Business: How Radar Tires Can Boost Profits

Nov. 17, 2023

High-performance, durable tires that offer more room to manage margins.

When offering premium tire brands, shop owners often take smaller margins to keep prices low and affordable for customers. These reduced margins result in lower profits, prompting shop owners to rely on other services or kickbacks to meet profitability targets by the end of the year.

Radar Tires continues to challenge how we view premium products by providing the same performance as premium competitors, but without shiny packaging and branding that drives up prices. Offering premium performance at a lower cost boosts your profit margins, all while ensuring your customers still receive the quality tires they expect.

Radar Tires supports wholesalers and retailers from the beginning to the end of the sales process, with stable sourcing and sales training. Premium products should be accessible to all. This idea is what drives the Radar brand.

Money-Saving Partnerships 
Modern Tire Dealer sat down with Gajendra Singh Sareen, founder, president, and CEO of Omni United, owner of Radar Tires, to learn how their affordable tires can outperform competitors, and how selling Radar can benefit your business.

“If you want to be in this business, you have to help people make or save money,” said Sareen. “We have to make more money for the shop. Why will they make more money selling Radar Tires? Because we have better performance.”

This affordable premium performance provides extra wiggle room in pricing not often seen in the industry. This allows you to set the best price for your shop and ultimately pass down savings to the end customer.

Not only will your customers save money, but all Radar Tires are backed by the Radar Protect warranty program. This program also includes a workmanship and material limited warranty, a treadwear limited warranty, and a road hazard warranty to help replace any tires that may be faulty. The newly launched EV tires also come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee along with a 40,000-mile warranty for additional peace of mind. 

Customers are raving about their experience with Radar Tires and are impressed with the quality of such an affordable tire.

“We’ve yet to find a Radar Tire that lacks in terms of performance or durability. And we appreciate that their tires aren’t listed at extortionate prices like similarly configured tires from other brands,” said one retailer.

The money your customers save will make you their go-to for new tires, and open their budget to additional repairs and products, increasing your shop’s sales. 

Responsible Sourcing 
Shops can’t manage their margins if they don’t have products to sell in the first place, and inventory levels have been less certain over the last three years. Manufacturing and selling tires worldwide requires maneuvering geopolitical tensions and resource availability, which can lead to supply chain issues and empty shelves. Radar Tires takes on the responsibility for any risks so you can focus on what you do best.

Your job is to stock and sell tires. Leave the risk mitigation to me; this is my business,” said Sareen. “I’ll make sure you get the product, and you won’t be at a disadvantage at any point in time.”

Top Tire Training 
As Radar Tires continues to launch new products, the company is increasing training opportunities to ensure you have the training and marketing materials you need to become a Radar Tires expert.

Each time a new product is launched, the Radar Tires training team visits wholesalers and retailers to provide an in-depth training program, including field tests and marketing materials, so your team knows how best to communicate the product features during a sale.  Radar Tires also come with a built-in incentive program, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits your customers receive.

All this is helping the Radar Tires brand to quickly grow, while pushing the boundaries of premium accessibility.

“When you launch something new, it’s really daring,” said Sareen. “It has to be functional. It should perform at a certain speed. It should be quiet. It should be durable. If you add the aesthetics on top of functionalities, I think that’s a no-brainer.”

The Radar Tires brand offers all this at a smart price.

“Radar does a splendid job of offering an excellent price-to-performance ratio, which has to be the brand’s strongest selling point,” said one satisfied retailer.

For more information on Radar tires and training available, visit https://radartires.com/premium.