TIA OTR Conference to Display Giant Tire, Service Equipment

Jan. 24, 2023

A 63-inch tire, a wheel designed for a 63-inch tire, a service truck that can handle giant tires and more will be on display at the upcoming Tire Industry Association OTR Tire Conference.

"One of the themes of the event is to showcase how massive OTR tires can be and the types of equipment needed to service them safely," say TIA officials.

A 63-inch Goodyear OTR tire will be highlighted during an outdoor display at the event, as well as:

  • A Titan International Inc. wheel designed for a 63-inch tire;
  • A Stellar Industries OTR tire handler truck, provided by Purcell Tire & Rubber Co., which will display the 63-inch tire in its manipulator arms;
  • Tools required to change a 63-inch OTR tire, including a jack - provided by AME International;
  •  A Haltec Corp. tire inflator and deflator, and;
  •  OTRUSA.com tire chains for use on a 57-inch OTR tire.

Fuller Brothers also will demonstrate how much of its Tire Life performance and safety liquid is needed for a 63-inch OTR tire. 

“We wanted to display the largest-size OTR tire to show attendees who may have never seen one how big these tires really are and to stress the importance of TIA training to properly and safely service them in mines and construction sites around the world,” says Matt White, TIA’s director of tire service.