MTD Top 25 Commercial Dealer List: Fast Facts

Oct. 24, 2023

Here are some fast facts from MTD's Top 25 U.S. Commercial Tire Dealer list, which examines the country's biggest commercial tire dealerships.


Dealership with the most commercial-only outlets: Southern Tire Mart LLC (184 outlets)

Dealerships with zero commercial-only outlets: Black’s Tire Services Inc.; Les Schwab Tire Centers Inc.; Pete’s Tire Barns Inc.; Rice Tire Co.; T&W Tire LLC; and Ziegler Tire & Supply Co., dba Ziegler Tire

Dealership with the most combined commercial/retail outlets: Les Schwab Tire Centers Inc. (466 outlets)

Dealerships with zero combined commercial/retail outlets: Parkhouse Tire Inc.; Snider Tire Inc.; and Sullivan Tire Co. Inc.

Dealership with the most retread plants: Pomp’s Tire Service Inc. (30 retread facilities)

Dealerships with only one retread plant: Black’s Tire Service Inc.; Good Tire Service; Graham Tire Co.; Les Schwab Tire Centers Inc.; and Valley Tire Co. Inc.


Dealership with the most service trucks: Southern Tire Mart LLC (2,289 service trucks)

Dealership with the fewest service trucks: Stratham Tire LLC (17 service trucks)


Dealership that sells the most truck tire brands: Best-One Tire Group (13 brands)

Dealership that sell the fewest truck tire brands: Nebraskaland Tire Inc., dba Nebraskaland Tire, Kansasland Tire and Coloradoland Tire and McWhorter's Tire and Service (five brands)

Most popular truck tire brands that dealers on the list sell: Continental (sold by 19 dealers on the list)

Dealerships that carry 10 or more truck tire brands: Best-One Tire Group; Pomp’s Tire Service Inc.; Earl W. Colvard Inc., dba Boulevard Tire Center; Pete’s Tire Barns Inc.; Ziegler Tire; Jack’s Tire and Oil Management Co. Inc.; Good Tire Service

List of the MTD Top 25 dealerships with the fewest tire brands:

Dealership Name    MTD Top 25 Rank     Number of brands
Nebraskaland Tire Inc.   20   5
Graham Tire Co.   25   6
Rice Tire Co.    19   6
T&W Tire LLC  14   6
Snider Tire Inc.    4   6

List of the MTD Top 25 dealerships with the most brands:

Dealership Name    MTD Top 25 Rank    Number of brands
Best-One Tire Group   2   13
Ziegler Tire   16   12
Pomp's Tire Service Inc.    3   11
Boulevard Tire Center   9   11
Pete's Tire Barns Inc.    15   10
Good Tire Services   22   10


State where the most MTD Top 25 dealerships are based: Pennsylvania (four dealerships)

List of the states where MTD Top 25 dealerships are headquartered:

State:                           Number:          

Pennsylvania                  4

Massachusetts               2

North Carolina                2

Wisconsin                        2

California                         1

Florida                              1

Idaho                                1

Indiana                             1

Kentucky                          1

Maryland                          1

Missouri                           1

Nebraska                          1

New Hampshire              1

Ohio                                   1

Oklahoma                         1

Oregon                              1

South Dakota                   1

Utah                                   1

The 2023 MTD Top 25 Commercial Tire Dealers list can be viewed in our October issue, starting on page 50.  

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