CMA/Double Coin launch REM-15 ROTR tire

Feb. 13, 2012

Double Coin Tires and China Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA) have introduced the new Double Coin REM-15 all-steel radial off-the-road (ROTR) tire for loaders and large graders.

“With the advent of larger graders with more specific needs, Double Coin’s ROTR product line continues to expand to meet every aspect of the aggregate and off-the-road industry,” says Aaron Murphy, vice president of CMA. “Double Coin has designed the REM-15 to offer lower operating costs without compromise in performance.”

Double Coin’s new REM-15 is engineered with a wide footprint offering excellent traction, floatation and ride. The new REM-15 is currently offered in the 17.5R25 size, will be expanded to larger sizes in the future. It is eligible for the standard Double Coin ROTR warranty.

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