Aftersoft creates VAST retreading software

Feb. 17, 2012

Retread software is available from Aftersoft Network N.A. Inc. The new software module targets the production control of truck tire retreading.

Aftersoft's new VAST Enterprise-Retread software is a fully integrated option for the VAST Enterprise Management System. It is designed to serve retread business with an “all-in-one software solution” that handles the following:

* order management;

* production control;

* quality assurance, and

* sales and distribution management.

"We are now able to present a complete tire management solution to commercial tire retreading companies, offering them the same renowned advantages to productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction that Aftersoft delivers to its current tire dealer customers across North America," says John Fischer, vice president of sales and marketing.

The solution, "carefully personalized" for retreading operations, "can be purchased to run stand-alone, integrated our own POS software, or optionally integrated into a third-party POS solution."

VAST Enterprise-Retread controls and documents the production of retreaded commercial vehicle tires, in both pre-cure and mold-cure processes, from the moment casings arrive up to the delivery of the finished tire. Based on memorized process data, the software enables the optimization of processes within a retreading plant.

Aftersoft Network N.A. is a subsidiary of  sidiary of MAM Software Group Inc. To find out more about Aftersoft software, visit

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