AME introduces Nut Buddy and mobile website

March 29, 2012

AME International recently introduced the “Nut Buddy” at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Ky. The tool gives technicians the ability to remove over-tightened wheel nuts by hand (see photo).

“This tool is so simple to use, a child could easily remove wheel-nuts on an 18-wheeler that have been over-tightened,” says Vice President Brett Waggoner. “For anyone who is doing road service or removing truck wheels in the shop, it’s a huge timesaver.”

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AME also is trumpeting its new mobile website, which can be accessed from any smart phone or tablet computer. The site offers a streamlined view of AME products, features and video demonstrations. It also makes sending products in for tool repair easier.

“We’re answering the needs of the marketplace,” says President Keith Jarman. “Most of our distributors’ sales people have smart phones or iPads and this site gives them product information at their fingertips while in the field.”

To view the mobile web site, enter into the browser on your handheld and you will be automatically redirected.