RTI introduces NitroPRO NTF-515 nitrogen tire inflation system

Jan. 26, 2009

RTI Technologies Inc.’s portable nitrogen tire inflation system, the NitroPRO NTF-515, offers fully automatic operation to simultaneously fill six tires.

It also offers fast service times, taking less than seven minutes to fill four 215/60R16 tires at the same time, the company says. Other features include:

* Selectable nitrogen purity – either 95 or 98% nitrogen generation purity.

* NitroPRO membrane nitrogen generation technology with no moving parts and four-stage filtration.

* A battery-powered fill controller for portability.

* Large-bore, fully-aged NitroPRO membrane with high throughput and efficiency right out of the box.

* Single tire operation (deflate, vacuum and fill or simply fill) – designed for rapid single tire service and top-offs.

The NitroPRO NTF-515 is compact and easy to navigate and fits in tight shop environments, says the company. It offers fill versatility with a programmable integrated controller and a display that quickly accommodates variable pressure settings. A service counter records both full-service and top-offs.

Jeff Murphy, president and CEO, says, “Every shop has unique needs and circumstances to contend with, especially in today’s economy and environment. The NTF-515 will adapt to almost any operating condition to give service shops the ability to rapidly generate profit according to their unique business models.”