Maxam MS302 Earns a Fitment on Caterpillar Wheel Loaders

March 6, 2019

Maxam Tire North America Inc. has earned the stamp of approval from Caterpillar Inc. The Maxam MS302 L3 is a new original equipment fitment option on some medium wheel loaders. The Maxam 23.5R25 MS302 is available as a factory fitment option on these wheel loaders, depending on the geographic region: 950GC, 950L, 950M, 962L, and 962M.

The Maxam MS302 in additional tire sizes also have been approved for future factory fitment on additional Caterpillar medium wheel loaders.

“Expertly engineered to thrive under extreme conditions, the Maxam MS302 is built tough to exceed expectations, delivering excellent traction and customer value," says Matthew Fagan, director of research and development for Maxam. "In addition to the outstanding performance of the tires, Maxam also has the support of the Maxam Tire Global Dealer Servicing Network with over 1,300 members — strong and growing.” .

The Maxam MS302 features a rugged E3/L3+ heavy duty design for maximum traction and high heat resistance on loaders, graders and earthmovers. The tire works to minimize vibration at haul speeds and provide the lowest cost per hour, while the durable cut and tear resistant rubber compound eliminates the constant threat of downtime due to tire damage.

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