McCarthy Gives Students a Glimpse of the Tire Industry With Internships

May 8, 2019

McCarthy Tire Service Co. Inc. has expanded its corporate internship program, giving high school and college students real-work experience while benefitting from the interns' energy and new ideas. The tire dealer has even hired two of its recent college graduate interns.

The program offers high-caliber high school and college students in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., access to a fast-pased business environment at a growing company where they can earn first-hand experience. The students develop tangible professional skills that make them competitive in the marketplace. They also learn what it takes to succeed in a multi-million-dollar corporation. High school juniors and seniors participate in traditional summer internships that support the company's daily operations within the fiscal department. They learn general administrative and business skills, and receive encouragement and professional advice as they plan for their higher education. High-performing interns have the option to return during college breaks.

Undergraduates are eligible for more extensive internship placements. Students who demonstrate initiative, leadership potential and a strong work ethic are placed in the corporate department that aligns with their course of study and career goals.

Over the last two years, McCarthy Tire Service has expanded its internship program by placing undergraduates in the finance, human resources, legal, marketing and purchasing departments. The positions are structured as:

  • a short-term assignment centered around a specific project;
  • a placement that extends for a semester and fulfills university requirements for credit; or
  • a long-term assignment structured as a part-time job, but with flexible scheduling for college coursework.

Every intern is assigned a manager/mentor who holds regular one-on-one meetings with the student to discuss projects, to monitor progress, and to provide feedback and encouragement.

“We are proud to cultivate the next generation of leaders,” says John McCarthy Jr., president of McCarthy Tire Service. “Our internship program is a win-win — it offers our interns the opportunity to gain real-world experience and to build their careers, and they, in turn, provide valuable staffing in key departments at our national headquarters. Their collective enthusiasm and eagerness to embrace new ideas infuses our company with energy as we continue to grow.”

Two of the company's recent hires have come from the McCarthy Tire Service intern pool:

Andrey Boris interned in the marketing department for 18 months prior to his graduation from Wilkes University in 2017. He was accepted into McCarthy Tire Service’s management trainee program, and now works for the company full time as a special account manager.

Ryan Javick interned in the purchasing department while he was a senior at King's College in Wilkes-Barre. After graduation, he was offered a permanent position as a purchasing assistant. He has subsequently taken an assignment as a regional billing analyst.

Five more interns are continuing their internships in the marketing, human resources and legal departments.

Conor Durkin from Wilkes University joined the marketing department early in 2018 on a long-term assignment that included a semester internship for college credit. He will continue his placement through the upcoming summer and his senior year.

Thea Seasock, a senior from King’s College, joined the human resources department in fall 2018. She is graduating in May 2019 with a bachelor's degree in human resources and is continuing her internship as she searches for a permanent position.

Krista Vogue is a junior from King’s College. She also took a placement with the human resources department in fall 2018. She will remain with the department through the summer and her senior year.

Keighlyn Oliver interned consecutively with the marketing, legal, and finance departments during her senior year at Wilkes University. Now a law student at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, she will return for an internship with the legal department during the summer of 2019.

Marley Mullery from Catholic University in Washington, DC, served as an intern with the legal department during the summer of 2018 prior to starting her senior year. She plans to attend Notre Dame Law School in fall 2019.

McCarthy Tire Service will welcome new interns for the summer 2019 term, and also will offer placements in additional departments.

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