Love's Reopens Truck Tire Care in Tacoma

Dec. 16, 2019

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Inc. has rebuilt and reopened a travel stop and Love's Truck Tire Care location in Tacoma, Wash. The location, off Interstate 5, closed in 2018 for renovations. The space encompasses more than 12,000 square-feet, which houses the Love’s Truck Tire Care as well as eight diesel bays, plus restaurants, showers, 83 truck parking spaces and 54 car parking spots. 

“We’re happy to be serving more customers in the Northwest,” says Tom Love, founder and executive chairman of Love’s. “We can now provide clean places, friendly faces at our fifth location in Washington and Tacoma is a great place to do that.” 

The store reopened on Dec. 12, and the company will host a ribbon cutting ceremony and donate $2,000 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Tacoma.

Love’s has more than 370 truck service centers, which include on-site and stand-alone Speedco and Love’s Truck Tire Care locations. Combined, the company says those two brands result in the largest truck care network in the country.

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