Trelleborg adds radial TM700 line to portfolio

Feb. 9, 2015

Trelleborg Wheel Systems will launch the first size 520/70R38 in its new TM700 ProgressiveTraction line at the Paris International Agri-Business Show (SIMA) 2015 in Paris, France, Feb. 22-26.

The first fitment available in the new TM700 ProgressiveTraction range will be 520/70R38 and 420/70R28. During the year, the radial line will be extended with the most popular sizes in the /70 series.

Trelleborg says the new TM700 ProgressiveTraction tread is significantly enlarged ensuring an up to 18% wider footprint, excellent floatation performance, unrivalled traction and fuel efficiency. This results in maximum crop yields, while preserving soil from compaction and erosion. Trelleborg applied its BlueTire technology to the TM700 ProgressiveTraction tire.

BlueTire technology provides up to a 6% reduction in CO2 emissions when compared to standard tires, according to Trelleborg. As an example, one year of BlueTire production led to an emission reduction of 13,700 tons of CO2, the equivalent to about 2,884 personal vehicles in the course of a year.

Piero Mancinelli, R&D director, agricultural and forestry tires at Trelleborg, says the TM700 line provides extra performance in terms of traction and fuel efficiency. “Today, the new generation of Trelleborg tires offers superior grip, traction, floatation and fuel consumption to perform at extremely low pressures in fields and on the road.

During field operations, the higher grip of the TM700 tire is driven by the dual edges of the lug that act as two anchor points, according to the company. The new design significantly reduces tire slippage, increasing traction capability by up to 17% higher than the market average. The economic benefits result in significant savings for farming professionals of as much as $450 when farming an area of 600 acres.

The sharp profile of the double lug also provides increased mud ejection, maximizing the self-cleaning capability of the tire over its life and increasing the efficiency of the lug. In addition, while a standard tire’s lug typically acts as a ‘brush’ which accelerates the wear of the tire’s tread, the wider base of the TM700 ProgressiveTraction offers premium resistance to lug vibrations. This significantly reduces wasted energy, which results in lower fuel consumption of as much as 10% and in a life up to 500 hours longer than the market average. Trelleborg says that over the course of 1,000 hours of use on the road, farming professionals can make an additional saving of $2,160.

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