Alliance redesigns its FarmPRO 324 tire

May 21, 2015

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) is updating its popular Alliance FarmPRO 324 bias-ply tractor tire line.

The new 324 features slightly curved, 45-degree lugs for outstanding traction with a wide-nose bar that maximizes service life and improves roadability. A new rubber compound minimizes the growth of cuts and heightens weather resistance.

“The combination-angle tread of the 324 combines the best features of several of our R-1 designs into one highly versatile tire that covers the kinds of conditions tractors are most likely to encounter,” says Bruce Besancon, vice president of marketing for Alliance Tire Americas Inc. “Consolidating those features into the FarmPRO 324 provides farmers with a clear choice, and simplifies stocking and inventory management for the dealer.”

The new FarmPRO 324 is currently available in 16 combinations of size and ply ratings, from a 6-ply 9.5-20 to a 12-ply 18.4-34. Ultimately, Alliance will offer its FarmPRO 324 in 25 sizes. The tires are manufactured at ATG’s new factory in Gujarat, India with new molds and presses.

Besancon says the FarmPRO 324 provides a high-quality, cost-effective option for farmers seeking durable, reliable tires for general duty farm tractors.

“The FarmPRO 324 is a perfect complement to our top-quality, high-tech radial tires,” Besancon says. “Not every tractor requires the high-performance or high-speed radials that keep key machinery like planters, tillage equipment or sprayers at the peak of performance. For general use tractors that spend most of their time doing chores around the equipment yard or up and down the road, the FarmPRO 324 delivers great reliability and outstanding value at a very affordable price.

“The new FarmPRO 324 is a reliable, long-lasting tire that delivers outstanding value,” says Besancon. “It’s another way Alliance Tire and our dealers offer farmers greater choice to select the tires purpose-built for their needs.”

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