Vipal shows exclusive treads in Mexico

May 22, 2015

Vipal Rubber Corp. is exhibiting treads with exclusive designs at the Expo Proveedores in Monterrey, Mexico. The tire manufacturer says its goal at the transportation industry trade fair is to consolidate its strength in the Mexican market, especially in the northern region of the country.

The VL130 ECO, for example, is the first in South America to be validated by the North American Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay program. Among the VL130 ECO features that earned it this qualification are its low rolling resistance, which helps protect the casing, and its rounded shoulders, capable of reducing lateral drag effects. Vipal’s ECO tread line, with its proprietary technology in its special rubber compound, ensures up to 10% lower fuel consumption, while also protecting the environment.

In addition to the VL130 ECO, Vipal’s portfolio at the trade fair includes other treads geared toward the transportation segment, such as the DV-UM3B and DV-RT2. The first is ideal for radial tires on drive or free axles on city streets, also available in an ECO version, standing out for high mileage performance and fuel economy. The DV-RT2 is used for radial tires with drive axles and offers high performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

The Expo Proveedores, from May 20-22, 2015, is sponsored by the Expo Monterrey Transport Providers.

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