RTA prepares to teach Oklahomans a lesson

Jan. 5, 2011

The Retread Tire Association (RTA) will conduct the "Passenger & Heavy Equipment Tire Safety Course at the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology on March 9, 2011. The course will be held in Okmulgee, Okla.

More than 300 attendees from throughout the state of Oklahoma are expected to attend, according to Harvey Brodsky, managing director of RTA.

He says the main focus of the March 9 workshop "will be to educate the attendees about how tires are constructed and why they must receive the care they were designed to get, in order to allow those who work on mounting and dismounting tires to stay safe and far away from injuries." A few of the topics to be covered include:

* the importance of proper tire repairs;

* the right and wrong ways to mount and dismount a tire;

* the importance of using a tire cage; and

* how to properly air a tire without getting killed.

Brodsky will be assisted by a number of experts from the tire industry during the day long presentation; all attendees will receive ample handout materials when they leave.

"If we save only one life because of the lessons learned during the workshop, it will have been worth it," he adds.

RTA members who are interested in attending and participating as presenters should contact Brodsky at (831) 646-5269. He also can be e-mailed at [email protected].

Click here for more general information about how to register for the event.