Continental debuts ContiPT18 solid industrial tire

Feb. 18, 2011

The Industrial Tire Business Unit of Continental Tire the Americas LLC’s Commercial Vehicle Tires is now offering the ContiPT18, a solid industrial tire with press-on band construction.

The tire is available now in the first 10 of 11 planned sizes in a standard low rolling resistance compound. It will be introduced with a non-marking compound later this quarter, says U.S. Sales Manager Carol Piechan.

With a tread design similar to Continental’s SC18 super elastic tire, the ContiPT18 has a wide flat profile with an increased lug-to-void ratio. The design features a deep, aggressive lug pattern with a modified rib to enhance forklift traction and improve lateral stability.

“The ContiPT18 is one of the first industrial tires we have introduced that is specifically engineered for North American forklift usage,” Piechan says. “Forklift operators can now look to the ContiPT18 for a press-on band tire that will improve their traction on uneven and wet surfaces such as loading docks, outdoor applications and ramp inclines.”

The entire family of Continental press-on band solid tires, which also includes the MH20 and MC20, offers the additional benefits of low rolling resistance and increased durability under heavy loads, Piechan adds.

Planned sizes for the PT18 are: 16x5x10 ½; 16x6x10 ½; 18x6x12 1/8; 18x7x12 1/8; 18x8x12 1/8; 21x7x15; 21x8x15; 22x8x16; 22x9x16; 22x12x16; and 21x9x15, which will be available in the third quarter of 2011

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