And the Top 100 retreaders are...

April 20, 2011

Who are the Top 100 retreaders in the United States? We're not ready to reveal all the details, but you can get a hint at some of them by checking out our latest Web feature.

Modern Tire Dealer's April issue not only lists the top 100, but also updates you on what many of them are doing -- and what they have planned in 2011.

To read the lead story, click on "A case for casings: If they can get them, our Top 100 retreaders will retread and sell them."

“Truck casings will continue to be in short supply,” says Mike Berra, president of Community Tire Co. in St. Louis, Mo., number 30 on our list.

One retreader in the Midwest told us 11R22.5 casing prices rose more than 18% the first three months of this year. Size 295/75R22.5 casing prices were up more than 21% over that same span.

So read the lead, and then wait on the list!