Alliance tests the Primex Xtreme LS-2

Aug. 14, 2011

The new Primex Xtreme LS-2 forestry tire has been tested in the field and will soon be available from Alliance Tire Americas Inc.

The tire features a variable-angle, tapered lug design, which delivers traction in a wide range of terrain and conditions.

"They don’t cut out or chunk out as much running on stumps, rocks and different things as other skidder tires," says B.J. Allred, a forestry tire specialist for Thomas Tire & Automotive in Asheboro, N.C. "The Xtreme is by far the best skidder tire that you can get right now."

"Here on the hills, we very seldom have to put the machine into 4-wheel-drive," says Jeff Brown, a 30-year forestry veteran with Hammill Logging Inc. in Gold HIll, N.C. "It stays in 2-wheel-drive, backin' up the hills, don't ever spin or nothing... I'm impressed."

The Primex Xtreme LS-2 also has specially formulated compounding. The tire's heavy sidewall and thick underskid provide long lasting durability to keep harvest teams -- and logs -- moving. It will be available in four sizes:

* 23.1-26 PR 16,

* 28L-26 PR 20,

* 30.5-32 PR 20 and

* 35.5-32 PR 20 (in development).

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