Timken Offers Help for Techs Servicing Commercial Wheel Bearings

Jan. 24, 2018

Tire dealers who need help servicing commercial wheel bearings can turn to five new training videos produced by Timken Co.

The company has updated its "Tricks of the Trade" series of videos, which offers technicians help through the steps of wheel bearings service jobs.

Learn how to properly install a Timken Premium Seal on a commercial vehicle wheel end:

Review the proper installation of a Timken Set-Right Bearing on a commercial vehicle wheel end:

Learn how to properly adjust wheel bearings on commercial vehicle wheel ends:

Here's a walk-through demonstration of how to remove cups from commercial vehicle aluminum wheel hubs:

Learn how to program a hub odometer for a commercial wheel hub:

Timken's YouTube channel features a full "Tricks of the Trade" playlist. There are additional training resources available at Timken.com/techtips.