Camso Offers Certified Remanufactured Tracks and Wheels

March 1, 2018

Camso Inc. is remanufacturing its tracks and wheels and certifying them to provide farmers with a low-cost operating solution. “With this program, Camso is giving multiple lives to a product farmers have always trusted, and provides an alternative to get into a Camso track or wheel product,” says Martin Lunkenbein, service and aftermarket sales executive director for agriculture at Camso. “As track applications become more popular among farmers, our remanufactured program offers customers an affordable way to increase the return on investment from their purchase.”

Camso says its certified remanufactured products will give farmers an economical, effective and durable solution for general ag applications while extending the use of tracks and wheels on their equipment. The remanufactured products are built with Camso's same materials and quality, the company says. “As the industry’s leader in tracks, we have the knowledge and technology to ensure the successful remanufacturing of these products,” says Lunkenbein. “As the original manufacturer, we know best how the products were built and fully understand the compatibility of all materials involved. This level of understanding allows us to deliver durable and performant products to customers while lowering their cost of operation”

Users will have two options.

“When customers participate in our program, Camso takes their old tracks and puts new tread bars on the carcass, remanufacturing the used tracks and giving them new life,” says Lunkenbein.

Customers also may order remanufactured products from the company’s inventory via their local Camso dealer.

The company tested the products in a pilot program last summer, during which Camso monitored the performance of its remanufactured products and pursued customer validation for more than 500 hours in the field. “Since the end of the year, we received additional validation from users in Kansas and Texas. Results are positive: tread bars of the remanufactured tracks showed the same adhesion and performance as new tracks,” says Lunkenbein.

The company thinks this eventually will become as common as any other replacement part.

 “This is a game changer in the way customers will purchase tracks and wheels in the future,” saysLunkenbein. “Customers can now think of a product that provides the lowest operating cost through its first life, while considering the multiple lives that can be delivered after its initial cycle.”

Camso’s certified remanufactured tracks and wheels program will be available as of March 16, 2018.

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