Ceat Ag Tires Carry a 7-Year Warranty

May 23, 2018

All ag radial tires from Ceat Ltd. sold in North America come with a seven-year warranty.

“This is the best warranty offered on any Ag tire brand competing in the value segment of the US market,” said Tarang Srivastava, general manager of Ceat Specialty Tires Inc. “We have a high-quality product manufactured at one of the world’s most advanced Ag radial factories. This warranty will help give US farmers and ranchers the confidence to give Ceat quality a try.”

The company says any Ceat ag radial tire that becomes unserviceable, unrepairable or unsafe due to a defect in materials or workmanship during the first two years and no more than 25% wear is warranted for 100% credit. For the third to seventh year, the products are warranted on a pro-rated basis depending on tread wear. If the tire is 90% worn, a 10% credit will be given to the customer.

Additionally, Ceat ag radial tires are warranted for field hazard and stubble damage. If a tire fails due to this type of damage within the first year, the customer will receive a 75% credit. Credit will be 50% within the second year and 25% credit within third year.

This warranty covers tires such as the FarMax R85, which was introduced to the U.S. market in 2017. The company says it is adding 65- and 70-series FarMax tires to the lineup, and flotation radials will follow.

Ceat Specialty Tires Inc. was established in March 2017 in Charlotte, N.C. Ceat tires are distributed in the U.S. by Tyres International Inc. For more information, visit www.ceatspecialty.com/US.