Maxam MS913 Comes in 5 Core Sizes

June 21, 2018

Maxam Tire North America Inc. is adding to its lineup of off-the-road tire products. The MS913 features an E3/L3 rock lug pattern to provide traction, and a heavy duty under tread for improved puncture resistance and sidewall protection. The tire also features an open shoulder design which contributes to increased reliability, durability and performance. The compound provides for long wear, and is also cut resistant, which helps reduce downtime costs.

The MS913 is designed for applications on articulated dump trucks and wheel loaders.

“Enhancing our existing Maxam product line and first-class business solutions, the MS913 combines premium compounding technology and cost-efficient bias construction to deliver industry-leading performance and value,” says Jimmy McDonnell, vice president of sales and marketing for Maxam.

The Maxam MS913 is currently available to order in five core sizes (15.5-25, 17.5-25, 20.5-25; 23.5-25 and 26.5-25) for various E3/L3 vehicle applications.

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