fleetHQ milestone: half a million trucks serviced

Oct. 19, 2011

Since its inception three years ago, Goodyear’s fleetHQ program has serviced 500,000 trucks. Half of them have been this year alone thanks to record summer temperatures that averaged into the high-90s in many parts of the U.S.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s fleetHQ  program provides 24/7 emergency road service for the commercial fleet industry. In June, 2011, fleetHQ’s Solution Center in Fort Smith, Ark., got 22,000 trucks, that had been immobilized by tire punctures or other tire conditions, up and running again.

“There were several days in June when fleetHQ’s Solution Center helped put more than 900 downed trucks back on the road,” says Roy Sutfin, vice president of fleetHQ.

The fleetHQ Solution Center typically assists around 700 trucks a day, according to Sutfin. “Hot weather contributed to several spikes in the number of calls we received.”

Sutfin says Goodyear’s fleetHQ program measures its efficiency by “roll time,” which begins when a truck driver calls, and ends when the truck is rolling again. fleetHQ currently is achieving roll times of two-hours-and-10-minutes, on average, he says.

“In July, fleetHQ continued to help fleets get their trucks back up and running with more than 22,600 completed service calls,” says Bruce Woodruff, Goodyear’s director, business solutions marketing, Commercial Tire Systems. “More than 940 trucks were serviced in one day during the month.”

Woodruff says the fleetHQ network is growing both in coverage and consistency. This includes an on-highway presence through Wingfoot Truck Care Centers, which are located on Pilot Travel Center properties.

“Our 38th Wingfoot Truck Care Center location recently opened in Baytown, Texas,” says Woodruff. “We also have expanded through independent dealers in target market areas.”

Those independent dealers include Flynn’s Tire, which has opened locations in Hubbard, Ohio, and Buffalo, N.Y. Donald B. Rice Tire added a Manassas, Va., facility, and Black’s Tire & Auto Service is expanding into Monroe, N.C. Woodruff says each location is engaged in the fleetHQ  program, enhancing service and response time in their markets.

“In addition, Goodyear’s G3X program allows dealers to participate in fleetHQ through wholesale distribution,” he says. “Through the first seven months of 2011, 23 new G3X dealer locations have joined the network, expanding service offerings into smaller markets. An important aspect of fleetHQ is consistent service from coast to coast.”