Petlas Adds Tire for Backhoe Loaders

Feb. 1, 2018

Petlas Tire Corp.’s Ptx ND31 is a multi-purpose radial industrial tire developed especially for backhoe loaders used in construction areas.

It is designed to provide excellent traction, longevity, resistance to damage and high carrying capacities.

Petlas says the Ptx ND31 is designed for all industrial-heavy duty needs and is suitable for all digging and loading operations under vehicles such as telehandlers, compact loaders and backhoe loaders.

The Ptx ND31 is available in sizes 340/80 R18, 440/80 R28, 405/70 R20, 460/70 R24 and 400/70 R20.

Petlas recently added radial grader, earthmover and loader tires to its wide industrial and OTR tire range. For more information, visit