Camso Designs Forklift Tires to Handle the Heat

March 1, 2018

Camso’s new press-on tire lineup is designed for forklifts operating in high- and medium-intensity applications.

The Seven Series forklift tire is new to the market and is Camso’s “ultimate tire” for high-intensity applications.

A flatter design and new construction process enable the Press-On 775 to withstand more heat. Larger forklifts have to carry heavier loads in more confined spaces while moving faster, and their tires are being pushed beyond their limits and are more likely to experience heat build-up.

Camso says the 775 delivers 90% better resistance to internal heat build-up than the Solideal Magnum SM ERP. The 775 is available in a range of sizes, up to and including a 33-inch tire.