Ken-Tool Has New Wheel Centering Sleeves for Commercial Trucks

July 12, 2018

Ken-Tool Corp. has unveiled the Pilot Sleeve line of wheel centering sleeves for steel or aluminum commercial truck steer wheels, drive wheels and inside/outside dual wheels which use two-piece flange nuts.

Made from a highly durable, non-corrosive mil-spec grade polyamide polymer, the sleeves are used to correct off-center wheel stud alignment on wheel mounting holes, which if uncorrected, can lead to out-of-tolerance radial wheel runout.

Ken-Tool says the self-sizing sleeves take up the gap between the 22 mm wheel studs and the 26 mm wheel mount holes, regardless of wheel condition.

The Pilot Sleeves are available in a six-piece package (pn 30331), and in bulk pails: 100 pieces (pn 30332) and 1000 pieces (pn 30333) which includes the installation tool.