TBC Unveils Wild Spirit HST-C for Sprinter and Commercial Vans

Sept. 13, 2018

TBC Brands LLC has released the Wild Spirit HST-C for the sprinter and commercial van segment.

The company says the Wild Spirit HST-C is engineered for extended traction performance, high durability and superior all-season handling for vans and light trucks that transport cargo, passengers, or other heavy loads.

The Wild Spirit HST-C tire is available in the following size and load range combinations:

Size Load Range
215/55R16 XL
195/70R15C D
185/60R15C C
195/75R16C D
225/75R16C E
205/65R15C D
235/65R16 E

Four sizes will be available in early September with the full line available by Oct. 1, 2018. The line has a nationwide manufacturer’s limited warranty.