TBC Offers New Sumitomo Encounter HT In 36 Sizes

Oct. 6, 2016

The new Sumitomo Encounter HT from TBC Brands LLC is available in 36 sizes from 16-inch to 20-inch in H, T and S speed ratings.

TBC says the Sumitomo Encounter HT delivers year-round confidence at an affordable price by offering outstanding dry pavement handling combined with sure-footed wet-traction performance. Its noise-reducing tread design and smooth, stable ride make it the ideal all-season CUV, SUV, van and light truck tire.

With a sturdy five-rib design and durable construction, the Sumitomo Encounter HT tackles both the daily commute and the open road with strength, style and stability, according to the company. The Sumitomo Encounter HT features an extended mileage tread compound and best-in-class warranty protection (60,000-mile treadwear for metric and LT sizes). TBC Brands is a subsidiary of TBC Corp.