Alliance Adds VF-Rated Flotation Tire for Implements

Oct. 16, 2017

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has introduced the Agriflex+ 389 VF, a very high flexion (VF) flotation tire for implements.

The Agriflex+ 389 VF can carry the same load as a standard radial flotation tire with 30% lower inflation pressure to dramatically reduce soil compaction or it tire can be inflated to the same pressure as a conventional radial flotation tire and carry 30% more load.

Alliance says the non-directional tread is ideal for wet conditions, when it allows for forward or reverse operation to get out of sticky situations.

The tread is optimized for traction and self-cleaning in the field and stability over the road. The new tire is available in sizes covering a range of heavy implements, including 560/60R22.5, 600/55R26.5, 650/55R26.5, 710/50R26.5 and 750/45R26.5.