Titan Adds 14 Sizes to the Goodyear R14T Tire Line

Feb. 20, 2019

Titan International Inc. has more than tripled the size of its Goodyear R14T line.

The crossover tire, designed for compact tractors, was introduced last year in four sizes: LSW340/70R28, LSW460/75R38, 340/85R24 and 460/85R34. An additional 14 sizes have been added to the lineup this year. They are:

1. 23x8.50-12NHS2. 12-16.5NHS
3. 27x8.50-15NHS4. 15-19.5NHS
5. 18x8.50-10NHS6. 26x12.00-12NHS
7. 320/85R248. LSW320/70R28
9. 380/85R2410. LSW380/70R28
11. 460/85R3012. LSW460/75R34
13. 460/85R3814. LSW460/75R42

The Goodyear R14T is an industry-unique hybrid of different tread styles designed for any job in the field or around the farm. The new sizes allow owners of compact tractors up to 150 horsepower to enjoy the benefits of its versatility.

"We launched the first-of-its-kind R14T last year and have seen great success," says Scott Sloan, ag product manager/global LSW for Titan. "Based on overwhelming demand from original equipment manufacturers and end users, we expanded this line to 18 total sizes, making this our premier tire line for nearly any subcompact tractor or loader, as well as any compact or utility tractor on the market."

Before the development of the R14T, compact tractor owners had to either choose between three tread designs -- R-1 (agricultural tire), R-3 (turf tire) or R-4 (industrial tire) — when purchasing a machine or changing out their tires for different applications.

With the R14T, Titan engineers combined the traction and cleaning features of an R-1 with the wear and ride features of an R-4, along with the lessened tire disturbance that an R-3 tire delivers. From hard concrete surfaces to softer soils, snow and sensitive turf, the R14T is designed to perform equally well in any conditions.

For more information, visit titan-intl.com/R14T.