Michelin FloatXBib: a Tire for Self-Propelled Spreaders

July 19, 2019

Michelin North America Inc. has created its first increased flexion (IF) cyclical field operation (CFO) flotation tire. The Michelin FloatXBib is designed for self-propelled spreaders in high-load capacity agricultural applications.

The tire has a patent-pending tread design that Michelin says will provide for better yields, greater comfort and increased productivity. The tire also protects against soil compaction and reduces plant damage. The tire is available in IF 1000/55 R32 CFO size. An IF tire has the same rolling circumference as the industry-standard radial tire, but it can handle the same weight at up to 20% less air pressure or allow for 20% more load at the same pressure.

In the field, the FloatXBib is designed with:

  • rounded shoulders for vegetation protection,
  • improved stubble resistance and wear,
  • doubled and reinforced shoulder lugs for improved contact patch, and
  • reinforced central area with special lug design for improved comfort and speed.

On the road, this tire is:

  • designed for speeds up to 40 mph,
  • made with a new casing architecture with Michelin Ultraflex technology,
  • providing greater wear resistance, and
  • innovative rubber compound which reduces heat build-up and increasing the speed.

“Producers often need to work in less than optimal conditions," says David Graden, agriculture operational marketing manager for Michelin. "Even when the fields are wet and muddy, they still expect the tires to provide the lowest compaction, floatation and stability, yet while on the road, they want speed, endurance and comfort. The FloatXBib tire balances those complementary demands, providing the highest in-field load capacity* and the best speed index** on the road.”

* Based on internal studies with a load of approximately 30,000 pounds moving at 18 mph in the field, the Michelin MegaXBib 2 T2 requires 55 psi vs 44 psi for Michelin FloatXBib.

** Based on internal studies with a speed of 40 mph on the road, Michelin MegaXBib 2 T2 has a load capacity of approximately 14,000 pounds vs. New Michelin FloatXBib load capacity of  24,000 pounds (a +70% increase).

For more information, visit www.MichelinAg.com.