New Website Promotes CEAT Ag Tires

Aug. 12, 2019

The new CEAT Specialty Tires Inc. website is up and running. The website,, prioritizes SEO (search engine optimization) and ease-of-use.

"Our new website is user-friendly in terms of finding your right tire by category or application and offers a smooth interface for easy navigation on your computer and smartphone,” said Tarang Srivastava, general manager of CEAT Specialty Tires. “We look forward to the site assisting in our efforts to continue building brand awareness and increasing distribution in North America.”

The website, which emphasizes agricultural tires, features the following:

* a simple and clean Interface to handle users from a wide level of digital exposure and age groups for the company’s primary audiences of farmers and tire dealers.

 * enhanced "find your tire" capabilities to make that process quicker and easier.

* a distributor registration process, including verification, approval, account  and password generation, that is extremely swift and easy to use.  

The website is not only designed for all modern browsers, computers, tablets and mobile devices, but also built on Wordpress, which CEAT said is renowned for being a SEO-friendly content management system.

CEAT (Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino Ltd.) Specialty Tires Inc., which manufacturers and sells ag, OTR and industrial tires, is part of the Indian industrial company RPG Group.