Camso Has a New Bias Tire for Backhoe Loaders

Oct. 2, 2019

The new BHL 732 from Camso Inc. is a multifunctional bias tire engineered for backhoe loaders working in applications that require exceptional traction, stability and durability.

The Camso BHL 732 is the next generation of the SL R4 tire and the latest addition to the company’s tire lineup for backhoe loaders.

Camso says the BHL 732 offers several options that match the wide range of challenging applications these machines deal with.

“A study Camso recently carried out showed that more than half of off-the-road tires on the market fail prematurely, so customers don’t get their full value,” says Dominic Gosselin, product manager, Americas – Construction tires.

“Being a customer-focused company, we’re constantly looking for solutions to improve rubber compounds and tread designs, in addition to releasing new features like the extra thick void guards to offer better protection against tread impacts. With improved tire durability and tread life, we’re helping operators achieve the most out of their tire: not only in tire life but also on their overall performance.”

Improved traction, puncture resistance and operator comfort

After over 20 years on the market, Camso’s SL R4 will be replaced by the BHL 732 tire, a next-generation solution designed specifically for backhoe loaders working under a variety of soft and mixed surface conditions. The new BHL 732 was engineered to maximize durability and traction, making operators’ day-to-day more productive, whether it’s digging or excavating with the rear boom, moving debris, dirt and gravel with the front bucket, or plowing snow. To achieve this, the BHL 732 features the newest developments in tire technologies:

Wraparound stepped tread design maximizes tread cleanout, which is essential for traction when working in soft and muddy conditions.

Extra thick void guard provides increased tread protection and durability: this area is located between the tread lugs, where the most punctures resulting in flats occurs.

Massive tread lugs enhance traction and service life, while the extended centre blocks reduce vibrations for an improved ride quality compared to the SL R4.

Heavy-duty sidewalls with enhanced rim flange protection offer better sidewall and rim flange protection, reducing impact damages and flat tires.

Being very versatile machines, backhoe loaders are popular among municipalities, utility contractors, general contractors, landscapers, and farmers and are found in increasing numbers in rental fleets across North America.

The BHL 732 will soon be available at Camso dealers throughout the Americas. For more information about the tire, visit a local Camso dealer, or visit the product page.