Hercules Adds Regional Tire to Strong Guard Line

Oct. 14, 2019

Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. has expanded its Strong Guard truck tire family with the addition of the new Strong Guard HDO regional drive tire.

The tire features an exclusive tread and sidewall design, a curb guard for high-scrub applications and specially angled grooves on its shoulder lugs to help repel stones from the base of the tread. It also contains:

* A Gen-H tread compound for increased mileage, in addition to promoting "outstanding wet traction and stable handling via a calculated balance of compounds," according to Hercules officials;

* An open shoulder tread design, which promotes self-cleaning while enhancing traction "in all road conditions;"

* 3D sipes for increased control in dry and slippery conditions while guarding against irregular wear "by interlocking the tread blocks to improve rigidity and reduce deformation," and;

* 12% wider tread that provides more surface area than previous-generation Hercules truck tires for improved vehicle stability and more miles to removal.

"We listened to feedback from tire dealers and owner-operators and developed the new Strong Guard HDO with the latest compounds and technologies, as well as wider tread width to offer a balance of increased removal mileage, vehicle stability and traction," says Marshall Gillespie, manager, commercial and specialty products, Hercules.

The Strong Guard HDO is available in eight SKUs, ranging from 19.5 inches to 24.5 inches in diameter.

All Hercules Strong Guard truck tires come with a seven-year "limited protection policy," including free tire replacement during the first 50% of usable tread life under workmanship and materials coverage, according to Hercules officials