Crestwood to Use Advantage PressurePro TPMS

Dec. 31, 2019

Crestwood Transportation LLC has chosen Advantage PressurePro LLC to be its tire pressure monitoring system provider.

Crestwood - which transports water, crude oil and other products - "will gain real-time tire performance readings and alerts, in-cab, for drivers, as well as remote monitoring to fleet controllers" through use of Advantage PressurePro's Tire Performance Management Solutions (TPMS) system, according to Advantage PressurePro officials.

"At Crestwood, we have selected Tire PressurePro TPMS to help improve profits by lowering our tire maintenance costs, increasing fuel efficiency and maximizing our equipment uptime," says Eric Allshouse, director of transportation operations at Crestwood Equity Partners LP.

The system was chosen "due to its ease of installation, easy-to-understand graphical display...simple, but robust, connectivity between trailer and tractor, and instant alerts to drivers and maintenance personnel of changing tire conditions."