Goodyear Has Three New Commercial Tires and a Waste-Haul Retread

Jan. 31, 2018

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. introduced a steer tire, two wide-base tires and a waste-haul retread at its 2018 Customer Conference.

Steer tire: Endurance LHS

The new Goodyear Endurance LHS is designed for long-haul steer applications. The new tire complements the Goodyear Endurance LHD long-haul drive tire introduced in 2017. Both tires are SmartWay-verified.  

The Goodyear Endurance LHS will be available in May 2018 in size 295/75R22.5, load range G. Additional sizes – 295/75R22.5 (load range H); 11R22.5 (load ranges G and H); and 11R24.5 (load ranges G and H) – will be added the following month. Size 285/75R24.5 (load ranges G and H) will roll out in July.

The Goodyear Endurance LHS features:

  • a new, dual-layer tread with uniform stiffness to help resist irregular wear;
  • an abrasion-resistant cap with a new stiff base compound for slow wear;
  • an enhanced casing with higher ply-cord pretension for consistent footprint and even wear;
  • enhanced sidewall compounds for low rolling resistance; and
  • an optimized footprint shape to help resist irregular wear.

“Long-haul fleets measure every mile and want to get more of them from every tire,” says Mahesh Kavaturu, marketing manager. “High-mileage tires like the new Goodyear Endurance LHS and the Goodyear Endurance LHD can help fleets optimize their cost-per-mile and in turn, lower their operating costs.”

Wide-base tires: Fuel Max SSD and Fuel Max SST

Goodyear’s newest wide-base tires for long-haul fleets, the Goodyear Fuel Max SSD drive and Goodyear Fuel Max SST trailer tires, are available now.

Both tires are SmartWay-verified and feature the company’s Fuel Max technology, which is designed to combine fuel-saving compounds with advanced tire constructions and tread designs for low rolling resistance.  

The Goodyear Fuel Max SSD and Goodyear Fuel Max SST also have self-sealing capability. The tires are built with the company’s proprietary sealant called DuraSeal, which is designed to instantly seal nail-hole punctures of up to ¼-inch in diameter in the repairable area of their tread. (DuraSeal does not seal sidewall punctures.)

“Goodyear DuraSeal technology, which is the only commercial truck tire sealant that is built into the tire during the manufacturing process, helps reduce truck downtime,” says Kavaturu.

The new Goodyear Fuel Max SSD and Goodyear Fuel Max SST wide-base tires share many of the same features, including:

  • tread compound with new filler technology for enhanced fuel economy;
  • optimized tread design and tire footprint for even wear and long miles to removal; and
  • all-steel construction with polyamide belt-edge reinforcement for a stable footprint and reduced casing growth.

In addition, Goodyear says the Fuel Max SSD features wide grooves with stone ejectors, which help resist stone holding and drilling to promote casing durability; Goodyear Tredlock Technology with interlocking microgrooves to help stabilize the tire’s tread for high mileage; and an open shoulder design for all-season traction.

“The price of diesel may be relatively low right now, but that doesn’t mean long-haul fleets will take their eyes off the fuel gauge,” says Kavaturu.

“Fleets will continue to ask for tires that provide enhanced fuel efficiency. But they also want other performance benefits, such as long miles to removal and traction. We believe the new Goodyear Fuel Max SSD and Goodyear Fuel Max SST wide-base tires will provide the right blend of these attributes to help long-haul fleets optimize their performance and ultimately their operating costs.”

Both the Goodyear Fuel Max SSD and Goodyear Fuel Max SST are available in size 445/50R22.5

Waste-haul retread: Endurance WHD

The new Endurance WHD retread is designed for the drive position and complements the Endurance WHA waste haul tire.

Features of the Endurance WHD include:

  • a dual-layer tread compound for slow tread wear and low rolling resistance;
  • deep, 32/32-inch tread depth to offer enhanced miles to removal; and
  • self-cleaning grooves to help evacuate mud and snow.

“Tires represent a significant investment for waste haul fleets,” says Evan Perrow, senior product marketing manager.

“Designed for excellent miles to removal and fuel efficiency – and offering enhanced traction and scrub resistance – the new Goodyear Endurance WHD retread helps waste haul fleets optimize their tire assets.”

The Endurance WHD is available in the following widths:

  • 8.5 inches (215 mm);
  • 9 inches (230 mm);
  • 9-7/8 inches (250 mm); and
  • 10-5/8 inches (270 mm.)

“Our authorized retreaders have the experience and know-how to help waste haul fleets get the most out of their casings,” said Perrow. “We believe the new Endurance WHD retread will provide outstanding performance and low operating costs for waste haul fleets.”

The new commercial products are available through the company's Commercial Tire & Service Network, which encompasses more than 2,300 Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers and authorized, independent Goodyear commercial tire dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

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