BKT Displays Its Agrimax Ag Tires at FIMA in Spain

Feb. 21, 2018

When members of the farming industry gather at Zaragoza in Spain for the 40th edition of FIMA, the International Trade Fair for Agricultural Machinery, Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) and its line of Agrimax tires will be there, too. The 2018 event, which began Feb. 20, will run through Feb. 24.

As a response to the complex requirements of modern farming, BKT has developed an extensive tire range for a variety of different applications. At its FIMA stand, BKT is displaying not less than four patterns out of its Agrimax lineup.

1. Agrimax V-Flecto (size VF 710/60 R 42 NRO). BKT says the tire is "a winning mix of technologies that enhances performance of latest-generation tractors on any kind of terrain." It features reduced soil compaction, lower operating costs and increased load capacity.

"Agrimax V-Flecto enables farmers to preserve the soil thanks to its optimized footprint on the ground and a 10% larger tread profile," says the company. "This tire also maximizes load capacity with unchanged inflation pressure. It is actually able to transport 40% more weight compared to a standard tire of the same size and with the same recommended rim."

2. Agrimax Force (size IF 800/70R42). This radial tire has been developed for high-powered tractors (over 250 hp) to provide outstanding performance and great efficiency. The enhanced IF technology, which has been further developed by BKT, allows for carrying heavy loads at low pressure with improved traction. The larger footprint at low pressure contributes to reduce soil compaction.

"The special tread design ensures top self-cleaning properties, making the tire ideal and comfortable for both field operations and road transfers up to 65 km/h," says BKT.

3. Agrimax Fortis (size 710/75 R 42). Designed for high-powered 4WD tractors, the Agrimax Fortis "is the ideal tire for all preparation, seeding and tilling operations." The tire features "excellent traction, even on tough terrains, along with extraordinary flotation features,(resulting in) less soil compaction. The low rolling resistance ensures fuel savings as well as reduced emissions into the environment."

4. Agrimax Teris (size 800/65 R 32). The radial tire has been engineered to support the increasing weight of combine harvesters and modern spreaders carrying heavy loads without damaging crops. The optimized lug design and the reinforced shoulder provide outstanding traction and stability.

"Thanks to its large contact patch... Agrimax Teris shows excellent flotation features, ensuring best soil protection and a maximum yield."

BKT also is showcasing its Ridemax FL 693 M tire in size 560/60R22.5. The radial tire was designed for equipment engaged in frequent road transfers with trailers or hauled tank trucks. "With its D speed index, it can reach up to 65 km/h -- if permitted -- providing a great advantage in terms of timesaving," says BKT. It also features low rolling resistance.