GRI’s Guests Plant More Than 50 Trees at Factory’s Grand Opening

May 4, 2018

Global Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. (GRI) planted more than 50 trees as part of the grand opening of its specialty tire manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka.

The trees were planted by the company’s guests at the grand opening event.

The company says it is truly passionate about giving the future generations a chance to sustain the beauty this world has to offer.

GRI’s new tire plant is situated on 10 acres of prime industrial land adjacent to its current solid tire factory. The company had to uproot several trees in order to build the new factory. As a form of recompense to nature GRI decided to plant as many trees as it had to remove for the building.

One of the customers who planted a tree said it was a meaningful gesture on GRI’s efforts to have a sustainable industry, also a token of the collaboration between GRI and its stakeholders for the future of the company.”

Another customer explained that planting a tree in their culture is a very strong symbol of good faith and hope, and said: “I am blessed and honored to be part of this conscious and symbolic contribution. In the future I will certainly return to GRI’s factory in Sri Lanka and when that happens I will visit my tree and see how it has grown, too.”

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