Continental Has Inspected 1 Million Tires With Its Digital Tool

May 4, 2018

Continental Tire the Americas LLC is celebrating 1 million tires measured in the U.S. and Canada with its Bluetooth-enabled digital inspection tool, ContiTrack2.

The tool and associated software program identifies and tracks a commercial tire’s tread wear and tire pressure in real time. Continental says it delivers actionable recommendations for fleets to reduce their cost-per-mile and improve tire run-out and performance.

The company says its representatives and dealers have inspected 1 million tires since 2012. The ContiTrack2 tool is part of Continental’s suite of solutions for delivering a fleet’s lowest overall driving cost.

Unlike manual air pressure gauges, which are often inaccurate, the ContiTrack2 digital tool is highly accurate and consistent, according to Continental. Tread depth, air pressure, mismatched dual tires, and irregular wear are digitally tracked, photographed, and analyzed in Continental’s password-protected cloud-based software.

Using a connected iPhone, iPad, or Android device, the data is immediately formatted into reports with actionable insights to reduce a fleet’s overall tire costs, prevent costly downtime, and improve safety. Fleets have instant access to their tire data, unlike manual inspections which may take hours or even days to be relayed back.

“Equipping our sales representatives with the latest technology has always been a priority for Continental,” says Tom Fanning, Continental’s vice president of sales and marketing for commercial vehicle tires in North America. “When a Continental representative visits a fleet, they are ready to provide strategic recommendations to help that fleet lower their tire costs.”

In addition to identifying tires which are under-inflated or have low tread depth, reports also include a summary of potential dollars lost through under-inflation resulting in reduced fuel efficiency or through premature removal. Mismatched duals are identified, and solution mapping is provided so the fleet can resolve the mismatch. Forecast projections help a fleet plan for upcoming tire needs based on their own replacement practices. Scrap tire analysis can also be performed, giving the fleet a clear report on why tires were removed from service and calculating the monetary losses of casing and remaining tread value.

“ContiTrack2 has been an indispensable tool for us over the last five years to help our fleet customers reach their lowest overall driving cost,” says Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president of commercial vehicle tires in the Americas region. “With this data, fleets have been able to extend the life of their tires, reduce fuel consumption, and decrease the likelihood of roadside breakdowns. It has also demonstrated the performance of our tires over time.”

In addition to ContiTrack2, which ensures accurate and actionable tire data from fleet inspections, Continental offers a portfolio of digital tire monitoring systems which fleets can use on a daily basis to reduce their tire costs.

ContiPressureCheck TPMS monitors a single vehicle in real-time, alerting the driver to tire pressure and temperature issues via an in-cab display. It is ideal for fleets whose trucks or buses are away from the terminal for long periods of time, and for owner-operators. ContiPressureCheck can also be integrated with telematics for remote data viewing while vehicles are out on the road, currently available in Zonar and PeopleNet.

ContiConnect platform monitors the entire fleet when vehicles are in the terminal, alerting back office personnel to tire issues via a mobile-friendly web portal, plus text and email notifications for severe alerts. It is ideal for fleets whose trucks or buses return to the terminal daily. Components of both systems can be combined to take advantage of different functionalities.

Continental Commercial Vehicle Tires is one of the largest manufacturers of truck, bus and commercial specialty tires worldwide. The business unit is continuously developing from a pure tire manufacturer to a solution provider, offering a broad range of products, services and tire-related solutions.

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