Prometeon Tyre Exhibits at Tire Cologne

May 31, 2018

European tire manufacturer Prometeon Tyre Group, a spin-off of Pirelli Tyres S.p.A. for commercial tires, participated in this year's Tire Cologne trade show in Germany. .

Prometeon has a trademark license agreement with Pirelli Tyre S.p.A. and offers a comprehensive portfolio of Pirelli-branded tires for all industrial applications as well as a wide range of services.

“We are fully dedicated to the world of transportation and have been focused on industrial tires since day one. Our road to ‘premiumization’ starts here,” says Gregorio Borgo, chief operations officer of Prometeon. “We have the experience and the know-how that it takes to fully understand the specific requirements of the different industrial transportation segments and to provide optimized solutions to all our customers.”

At the Cologne fair, Prometeon’s booth gave visitors a vision of a bright premium technology future, says the company. “Our customers benefit from reliable products and convenient all-in-one tire management. Through our extensive network of premium service providers, we offer innovative solutions that meet our customers’ individual requirements. This makes us the ideal partner for a successful future in our changing industry,” explains Murat Akyildiz, chief commercial officer.

Prometeon showcased its full offering of Pro Services, the name of the package of solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of modern transport fleets. In addition to already consolidated services like 24/7 breakdown assistance, FleetApp and central billing, others are being successfully tested in some European countries, the company says.

“Two of our newest additions are Pro Check, the tire monitoring service, and Pro Finance, to effectively support fleets in spreading the cost of their tires,” says Daniel Gainza, chief marketing officer. “All these solutions expand Prometeon’s offering to specialized industrial customers, built on the strength of our Pirelli-branded product range, which encompasses premium tires for truck, bus and also the return of the Pirelli brand to the world of agricultural tires.”

The high performance Pirelli range, including agro tires, also were showcased at the Prometeon booth.

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