Bridgestone Posts Flat Results in North America in 1H

Aug. 14, 2018

Bridgestone Corp. posted net sales of 1.77 trillion yen for the first six months of 2018. That compares to sales of 1.74 trillion yen for the same period in fiscal 2017.

Based on the exchange rate on June 30, 2018, Bridgestone recorded net sales of $16 billion for 1H 2018.

The company's operating income decreased 1.4%, from 202.3 billion yen to 199.4 billion yen ($1.8 billion).

Profit attributable to the owners of the parent company was up 2.1%, from 131.8 billion yen to 134.6 billion yen ($1.2 billion).

Bridgestone says its first-half results are in line with "the guidance on operating income with proper SGA (selling, general and administrative expenses) control" and "the guidance on postive impact of selling price."

Net sales in the Americas was relatively flat at 861 billion yen (nearly $7.8 billion) as was operating income of 89.3 billion yen ($806.6 million).

Bridgestone's consumer tire unit sales were flat globally from 1H 2017 to 1H 2018. Original equipment sales were up in  Japan, North America, Europe and China/Asia Pacific, but down in the replacement segment in all four regions. Truck and bus radial tire sales were up globally, with OE sales were up in each region but Japan. Replacement TBR unit sales were up in one region: China/Asia Pacific.