Yokohama Introduces a Radial Tire for Rigid Dump Trucks

Oct. 3, 2018

The new Yokohama RL47A E-4 tire for rigid frame dump truck applications is available in size 27.00R49.

The RL47A, designed to handle long high-speed hauls, is offered in four different compound options: CP (cut-protected), REG (regular), CP-S (special cut resistance) and HR (heat resistant).

Bruce Besancon, Yokohama Tire Corp.'s vice president of OTR sales, says the RL47A "is engineered to help earthmovers get the job done faster and more efficiently, which will have positive impact on the bottom line."

Benefits of the RL47A include:

* precise, heat dissipation grooves strategically placed across the tread. Additionally, specially designed thermal reduction architecture on the shoulder block provides extra heat dissipation.

* a large, flat footprint designed to distribute weight more evenly for long service life "and excellent cut resistance."

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