TRIB Redesigns Its Website

Dec. 13, 2017

A new video section is one of the highlights of the redesigned Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) website. TRIB says the changes were necessary "to continue to meet the needs of educating the public and fleets about the massive environmental and economic benefits of retreading."

The website's modern redesign provides an easy way for visitors to learn about the technologically advanced retread process, which "delivers safe and reliable products to customers around the world." Here are some key features of the redesign.

* A new video section not only takes viewers on a virtual tour of modern retread plants, but also explains the true causes of rubber on our roads, and explain the environmental benefits of retreading.

* There is straightforward access to TRMG Recommended Practices for Retreading and Tire Repairing.

* The redesigned online store provides easy access to TRIB and TIA (Tire Industry Association) reference and training materials.

There is also "quicker access" to the key resources the public and our members need, says TRIB. That includes government studies on retreading, DOT code lookup, a library of articles busting the myths around retreading, and a retread tire buyer's guide.

New features will continue to be added throughout 2018, says TRIB Managing Director David Stevens.

To check out the redesigned website, visit