TIA Releases Online Analytics Report for Certified Instructors

Dec. 22, 2017

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has developed an online reporting tool that enables its certified training instructors to report on overall class performance within each module and also view all pass or fail results.

The new Certified Exam Analytics Report is available on the TIA Instructor Portal.

“Our certified instructors have been asking for a way to receive feedback on specific areas of their students’ performance and we are proud to provide them with our new online Analytics Report,” says Christine Hoogenboom, director of training.

“For example, if the report indicates an overall poor performance on nail-hole repair, then they know they will need to spend more time explaining that module. This tool will help our Instructors become more effective trainers, and lead to a better educated workforce.”

All TIA Automotive (ATS) and Commercial (CTS) Certified Instructors will have access to the Instructor Portal where they can order materials, set up testing, view test results, and now access the analytics report. TIA will continue to enhance the portal with other valuable tools to aid Instructors in holding Certified ATS and CTS Technician courses in the field.

For information on the analytics report please contact Christine Hoogenboom, [email protected].