Alliance Extends Agriflex and Agriflex+ IF/VF Tire Lines

March 18, 2016

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has added five sizes to its Agriflex and Agriflex+ lines of IF/VF farm tires.

Alliance says it now has one of the world’s most comprehensive line-ups of IF (Increased Flexion)/VF (Very High Flexion) farm tires, and the only completely all-steel IF/VF line-up in the industry.

“Alliance now offers more than 50 Agriflex and Agriflex+ tires, extending the performance and technology to owners of most popular tractors, combines and self-propelled sprayers,” says Trent Wallin, agricultural tires product manager for Alliance Tire Americas Inc.

“With these lines, Alliance can upgrade farmers to the latest in tire technology and world-class construction and save them from spending money they don’t have to.”

ATG offers its Alliance Agriflex and Agriflex+ tires in two patterns: the Alliance 354 R-1 design for tractors and combines, and the Alliance 363 configuration for self-propelled sprayers and tractors outfitted for running in row crops.

The company says every Agriflex and Agriflex+  tire features all-steel construction and stubble guard compounds, which add another layer of puncture resistance to the tire and allows for higher operating speeds because of steel’s heat-dissipating qualities.

The new tires are:

* Alliance 354 IF 320/105R50;

* Alliance 354 IF 380/90R54;

* Alliance 354 IF 320/90R54;

* Alliance 363 VF 380/90R46; and

* Alliance 363 VF 270/95R54.

Wallin says specially engineered and constructed sidewalls enable Alliance Agriflex IF tires to accommodate the same load as conventional radials with 20% less inflation pressure, which reduces soil compaction. With the new tires, operators can alternatively choose to carry 20% more load without additional soil compaction. With the Agriflex+ tires, users can reduce inflation pressure or increase load by 40% as compared to ordinary radials.

“It’s easy for farmers and custom applicators to switch to Agriflex and Agriflex+ tires because they fit standard rims. There is no need to replace existing wheels or make any expensive modifications to adopt this particular technology,” he says. “Farmers can get a significant upgrade in equipment and performance for the cost of most standard radial tires.”

For more information on Alliance tires, visit, call toll free (800) 343-3276 or (781) 321-3910.