Lewis General Tires Converts to Goodyear Retread System

April 13, 2016

Lewis General Tires Inc. of Rochester, N.Y. has converted to the Goodyear retread system.

“We believe that Goodyear’s truck tire casings are the best in the industry,” says Craig Lewis, the company’s fourth generation owner. “I felt that in order to be the best retreader we could be, we had to be aligned with Goodyear.”

He says the high level of support that Goodyear provides to Lewis General Tires also played a significant role in the decision to become a Goodyear authorized retreader.

“We became a Goodyear G3X dealer five years ago, and since then, we’ve found Goodyear to be a better fit for our company.”

G3X is Goodyear’s wholesale distribution program for consumer and commercial tire dealerships.

Lewis General Tires, which also sells Goodyear OTR tires, finished installation of new Goodyear retreading equipment at its plant and produced its first Goodyear retread last month.

“There is a huge gap in our market area for Goodyear products,” says Lewis. “A lot of our fleet customers use retreads, but we’re now giving them a retread product that I know, deep down, is the best.”

Lewis General Tires currently retreads nearly 40 Goodyear truck tires per day. The company operates a commercial, consumer and OTR store in Rochester. Leon Lewis Sr. founded the company in 1919.  Craig Lewis became president in April 2015.

The company plans to ramp up production within the next year. “Our customers are going to be very happy with the Goodyear product,” says Lewis. “And we’re going to pick up lots of new accounts.”

For more information about Lewis General Tires, visit http://www.lewistires.com.

For more information on the Goodyear retread system and the company “Total Solution” program designed to help fleets lower their operation costs, visit www.goodyeartrucktires.com.