IMI 'Flexxes' Its Muscles with a New and Improved Equal

May 12, 2016

International Marketing Inc. (IMI) not only has a new and improved headquarters, but also a new and improved Equal.

It also has a new mission statement: "Delivering extra miles in extraordinary ways." Equal Flexx, an improved internal balancing agent for truck tires, was developed with that in mind.

“Equal Flexx reduces fuel and tire costs by removing vibration from the wheel-end," says CEO Bob Fogal. "This optimizes the efficiency of the entire rotating assembly."

Equal Flexx provides more vibration absorption power than its predecessor, Equal. It also leads to lower rolling resistance and more even tire wear. The end results are longer lasting tires and a smoother ride, all validated by fleet testing across the country.

“After testing over 50 materials, we found the best solution in a combination of soft materials, with the ability to eliminate twice the amount of vibration compared to Equal," says Senior Product Development Engineer Steve Ludwig.

Equal Flexx will be marketed as IMI's premium internal balancing agent versus Equal, which was introduced to fleets in 1991.

Like Equal, the new Equal Flexx is installed by dropping a pouch into a tire during the mounting process. The pouch breaks open, allowing the balancing compound to disperse and continuously adjust to changes including tire wear, vehicle load and road conditions without causing any damage to the tire.